Friday, March 29, 2013

Top Ten Reasons to Come to Easter Mass at StEAM!

10.  Its at 9:0O instead of the usual 11:15, which for some of us may as well be a Sunrise  service.
9.  This year the altar frontal will NOT be held together with safety pins.  (I didn't say it was finished, but it is pin free!)
8.  There will be no liturgical dance. None.
7.  There will be altar flowers!  Yea for FLOWERS!!!
6.  We get to say that "A- Word" again! 
5.  Lent isn't over until you've been to Easter Mass.  (Because I say so, that's why!)
4. A special guest soloist will amaze and astonish you (hopefully in a good way... he's ten!) with "Ode to Joy!"
3.  The deacon hasn't spilt the wine in weeks... she's over due for a big one.  Kind of like the San Andreas Fault.
2.  Acolyte antics.  God helps us all.

And the number one
most awesome reason ever
to attend Easter Mass (at StEAM or anywhere)....

1.  Christ is risen from the dead, the first fruits of them that sleep... for by his death he has destroyed death and by his rising to life he has won for us life everlasting! 

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