Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Youth Ministry in Tabora

Bishop Elias writes...

The future of the Church is in the hands of the Youth. 50% of our congregations are under 20 years old so this is a vital ministry. Today young people in Africa are faced with many struggles and challenges, alongside poverty; they have to cope with the impact of HIV/Aids, Globalisation and environmental concerns. The vision of the Youth department is to ensure the provision of spiritual, mental and physical development of the young people. The mission is to build up the body of Christ all over the diocese so as to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ.
The Youth department is faced with many challenges and despite our lack of material resources, teaching materials, sports equipment and musical instruments we work hard at meeting the needs of the young people in order to prepare them for adult Christian life. In the past the department has organised Youth and Children camps which have been very successful. As a result of one camp forty children committed their life to Jesus. Parents have also remarked on how their children’s attitude and behaviour have improved.
Other current activities include organising games and sports for the young people. There have also been opportunities to do home crafts and join in choirs which the children have enjoyed. We offer a range of classes including Bible study, marriage and virginity classes. After a week course on virginity, 25 young ladies surrendered their life to Christ and every week some have been coming for counselling. Stewardship classes and HIV/Aids Awareness training have also been arranged.  As well as continuing the activities mentioned in the future we hope to offer training workshops for youth leaders in order to encourage and enable them to fulfil their calling. We also hope to run a big youth event on the theme of globalisation. Another aim is to raise awareness in our congregations of the challenges and pressures our young people are faced with today.  We encourage you to remember the many young people and our work with them in your prayers.  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some of the images from this morning....

All borrowed ruthlessly from the internet. :)

Korean Nativity. Notice that Joseph is wearing a traditional Korean horsehair hat!

NK soldier watching the border, and the two who watch him.

Ironing with sticks. This was in National Geographic in the early 1900's, just after westerners were allowed in to take pictures like this and just before the Japanese Occupation.

Flowers for the "Great Leader."

Anglican Cathedral in Seoul, SK.

Satellite image of Korea by night.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Six Ways to Reach the world with Christ.... part two


6 WAYS - PRAY from K H on Vimeo.

Video courtesy of OMF!

Prayer is cool. Anybody can do it. That's probably why we talk about it so much in the church that everyone's eyes roll and people say things like "can't I do more than just pray." But if prayer is foundational, and foudations are to mission what they are to buildings, it is pretty super cool that everyone can build foundations, is responsible for doing it, and equipped to make it work.

I get the disciples, saying "teach us to pray." We all think we're doing it wrong. But if the Holy Spirit is indeed interceding for us and with us, then there's grace to cover whatever we're doing wrong and to lift up whatever we're doing right.


That's not a Rueben!

After a start-up meeting for StEAM, the 'staff' (deacon, priest, musician(aka: my beloved wife)) and mentoring priest, we all went out for nosh and 'effervescent grain beverage'. Our server comes up asking what I would like. Enthusiastically I reply, "A RUEBEN!" She asks...
"Do you want that with corned beef or turkey?" 
!?! "Corned beef!"
"Would you like that on rye or focaccia?"
!?! "Rye!"

Let's be clear about this: A Rueben Sandwich '... is a hot sandwich of layered meat, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, with a dressing. These are grilled between slices of pumpernickel or rye. The meat is either corned beef or pastrami, and the dressing is either Russian or Thousand Island dressing.' (wikipedia).

Folks, if it has turkey and is on focaccia, it maybe gastronomically correct, but it's not a Rueben.
Not, no, unh unh, nada, nope, forget about'it, (etc).

For me, everything has a spiritual lesson, even beer and a sandwich: There are lots of 'things' out there parading about under the guise of 'Christianity'. But if it's not missionary in outlook and doesn't hold to the historic faith and teaching of the universal church (e.g. Nicene Creed) - it's not Christianity. Sorry.

What ever it is (and it may be 'nice' and it may be appealing, it might be fun, it might even make you feel good - and how else would you expect temptation to present itself?) it's not Christian.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

News from Tabora

Dear friends in Christ,

Greetings from sunny and dusty Tabora.  I arrived safely from England where I went for the newly consecrated bishop's course, the course was very fruitful and helpful. However, I am so sorry to say that my heart was so hurt when I came back and find the beautiful green plants (maize) I left about three weeks has turned into yellowish and white!  Since I left Tabora there is no even a single drop of rain. Thousands of maize acres have totally dried up prematurely. Please pray for rain and for people of Tabora. I will bring you some photos to show you the situation just for your prayers. Please keep praying for us in Tabora.

Yours in Christ,


The Rt. Rev. Elias Chakupewa
Bishop of Tabora Diocese